Executive Overview

Rocky Mountain Aerial Surveys (RMAS) is in the remote sensing business; gathering, storing,
processing, and delivering geographic information that is collected by using aerial photography
and other remote sensing methods such as digital camera and LiDAR systems.  RMAS has its own
aircraft, cameras, and facilities in Longmont, CO.  RMAS was founded in 1973.


Target Market – Geographic

  • RMAS has extensive mountain experience throughout the entire Rocky Mountain range, but are not
    restricted to this region.
  • We fly most of our missions west of the Mississippi in CO and the adjoining states (UT, WY, NE, KS,
    OK, NM, AZ).
  • We are open to all missions in North America that make economic sense for RMAS, our business
    partners and our customers.  Within the past year we have flown missions as far east as Wisconsin,
    and prior to that as far east as Puerto Rico.
  • In the past few we have flown mission up and down the Pacific coast in CA & OR and even as far
    away from our home base as El Salvador.