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Rocky Mountain Aerial Surveys is a woman owned, small business (not yet certified). RMAS will rely upon 3 professionals for the mission and flight planning, aerial photography and data acquisition portion mission. RMAS has flown hundreds of imagery acquisition missions including for digital, film, infra-red, thermal, and LiDAR.

  • Christina M. Louwers, Co-Owner, CEO

    Christina Louwers is co-owner along with Bob Louwers. Founded in 1973, Christina and Bob acquired RMAS in 2011. She maintains client/vendor relationships, and manages general financial and business operations for RMAS. As CEO and majority owner, Christina Louwers provides corporate oversight and directions for the Board and management.

    Christina holds a Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

  • Robert (Bob) Louwers, Co-Owner, President

    Bob Louwers is co-owner with Christina Louwers. Together they have invested significant money and resources into RMAS to enhance the quality, safety and efficacy of the enterprise. In addition to these internal investments, Bob continues to develop and evolve strategic industry partnerships to enhance RMAS’ ability to offer an increasing spectrum of remote sensing capabilities and image processing services.

    Prior to being an entrepreneur, Bob spent a career in the software industry in computational mechanics as an Engineer, Developer, SME, and as a Business Development and Sales Executive.

    Bob holds a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and an Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He can be contacted at robert.louwers@rmaerialsurveys.com

  • Steve Dreiling – Operations Manager & Chief Pilot

    Steve Dreiling is a seasoned veteran pilot who has over 35 years of flight experience in Military, Commercial, Aerial Survey and Flight Instruction with Single Engine Land and Multi-Engine Land Ratings.

    Steve is responsible for coordinating aircraft movements, pilot scheduling and coordinate with Lead Photographer for mission planning.

  • Mykhayl Sutton – Data Acquisition Manager

    Mykhayl has been with RMAS for one year acting as Data Acquisition Manger responsible for all film and digital mission planning. Mykhayl has over 14 years of experience in ground survey and as an aerial technician.

    He is directly responsible for digital aerial imagery collection, processing, and QC and all Airborne GPS processing with our UltraCamLp. He can be contacted at mykhayl.sutton@rmaerialsurveys.com

  • Bret Taylor – Lead Photographer

  • Brett Taylor is a professional aerial photographer with over 20 years aerial photography and sensor operator experience.

    Brett sets all operational direction for RMAS film photographers. He is our resident expert for anything dealing with film

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  • Contract pilots:

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